Focusing Your Mindset – Barely, Brash, Bold Move Makers

Who are you when you are BIG?

Depending on your mindset, you might answer this question differently.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a mindset is a fixed state of mind, attitude or habit that controls your way of thinking. In other words, your mindset is one of the biggest indicators of how you perceive yourself and react to others around you. Good days or bad moments happen to everyone, the key is how you react. Think of your reaction as a snowball effect, letting one bad moment affect you is going to lead to more disappointment.

Now return to the original question.

But what if you can’t answer this question? Or maybe you just don’t care? Perhaps fear and reluctance dissuades you to really think hard and long about it. Instead of answering, you rather hear what others have to say and then compare yourself to them in a way that is counterproductive. We refer to this mindset as Barely move makers; people who have given up on hope and replaced it with doubt. These types of people would rather invest their time into activities that don’t help advance their current situations. Barely move makers let their fear and anxiety become their biggest weaknesses, and are unable to lead others. They duck and dive life’s hurdles instead of trying to face them.


Or let’s say, you answer the question, but not because you wanted to but because you had too. You’re afraid of what people might think of you if you don’t answer it, they might think you’re apathetic.  So you answer it for the sake of answering it, but it comes off as disingenuous. This kind of mindset is found in Brash move makers, who are reactive rather than proactive. This can be very costly, especially for leaders of big companies, who have to be able to think multiple steps ahead. They might do a great job on a certain task, but not because they got fulfillment out of it, but because they felt they had too. This type of behavior can go unnoticed for a long period of time and ultimately lead to overall unhappiness, which can be contagious. Their egos prevent them from admitting when they don’t know an answer or how to do something. This unwillingness to improve makes a Brash mindset even more dangerous than Barely, because Brash move makers usually have others who depend on them. If a leader lets a Brash mindset control the way they operate and interact with others it can have a dire, rippling effect on the whole company.

Which leads us to the most effective, intuitive and hopeful method to properly approach the question. Bold move makers are plagued with positivity and adventure. They are the type of people who can steer a ship in the right direction, the type of people who can lift the Barely and Brash move makers out of their funk. Bold move makers are like finely tuned automobiles that cruise at an optimal speed, but understand when to crank it up. They are the type of people others turn to for advice, support or even company. They are able to maintain a perfect harmony between school, work, family, friends and whatever else is going on in their lives. A Bold move maker would be able to take the original question and break it down and answer it in many different ways, concentrating on both short term and long-term benefits and consequences.

Who are you … when you are BIG?”  is the question Allan Milham and Kimberly Roush present their readers with, providing insights along the way on how to intelligently tackle this query. These seven words prove challenging for many, however, altering your mindset and perception is a great place to start on your journey to Getting to Big.

– by Malik Zafar

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