It’s Not About BIG Ego

Before we dive to deep into what BIG is, let’s discuss what BIG isn’t.

BIG is not about your ego, your position at your company, your title or even about acquiring large sums of money. Often times we measure our self worth based on how hard we work, the results we achieve in our tasks, how much money we amass, even the car we drive or the house we live in. Other times, we attribute our self worth to how others perceive us or who is proud of us. We put too much emphasis on what others think about us yet we forget that true self-worth does not encompass any of this. The old saying, “some of the richest people are the poorest,” is as true as ever.

So if being BIG is none of the above, than what is BIG?

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Secret of Champions

Why is it that some individuals excel while others plateau? I first asked myself this question after spending time with young Olympic athletes back in 1996, while working for a firm that sponsored the Olympics in Atlanta that year. I observed these young adults, a decade younger than myself, glide through their pre-competition motions with such dedication and focus that it literally left me in awe. How was this group, some still young enough to be in College, able to excel to a worldwide level of competition? How were they able to overcome the intense pressure that comes along with representing your country? And how were they able to thwart any distractions that they likely faced growing up?

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Focusing Your Mindset – Barely, Brash, Bold Move Makers

Who are you when you are BIG?

Depending on your mindset, you might answer this question differently.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a mindset is a fixed state of mind, attitude or habit that controls your way of thinking. In other words, your mindset is one of the biggest indicators of how you perceive yourself and react to others around you. Good days or bad moments happen to everyone, the key is how you react. Think of your reaction as a snowball effect, letting one bad moment affect you is going to lead to more disappointment.

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What is a BIG?

Everyday Drudgery

Many of us are fine-tuned to a routine schedule, which aside from a few exceptions stays consistent for a long duration of our lives. Between managing work, family, friends and most importantly ourselves, we adopt a schedule to cope with time management. So it comes as no surprise when our days transform from spontaneous and fresh to rigid and dreadful, sometimes causing us to mindlessly wander from one point to another.

For example, think about the first time you got a job that required you to commute every morning to a new location. Everything was new, the roads, the trees, even the traffic patterns were alien, and therefore much more intriguing. You carefully observed your surroundings, paid attention to street signs and made note of restaurants and other neat shops on the way.

Now fast-forward two years later – chances are your daily commute requires little to no thinking. You’ve memorized the quickest way to get to work, you know exactly when traffic slows down and picks up, and you might even know the traffic light patterns down to a tee. You’re still able to get to work every morning, but you are no longer engaged. Your state of mind is unreactive, dull and lethargic, operating on a steady cruise mode.

Sometimes this automation can be good. It can help us perform tasks more quickly, and multitask more effectively. But living in this drudgery is the worst! That’s what makes us dread Mondays! And feel like life is passing us by. Nobody wants to live in that! But what can we do to change it?

The trick is in adjusting your mindset so that every new day and situation is one that demands full attentiveness. Let’s get into that.
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