Sometimes words on a page just don’t quite have the impact that you’re after. Sometimes you just need someone to help guide you back to your BIG dreams. We know how it is, and we’re here to help. If you’re looking for a way to bring your team to the next level, we’d love to come inspire and empower you and your team. We know you’re excited to help your team become BIG. The possibilities are incredible, and the potential is limitless. Let us help you get there!

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KEY SPEECH TOPICS: Authentic Leadership, Team Inspiration, Performance Coaching, Motivation

Keynote Speaking & Leadership Programs

Who Are You When You Are BIG?
This keynote speech will inspire your leaders/organization to play BIG. No more playing small! BIG isn’t about ego, title or money. It’s about who you are when you are in your most resourceful state.
The audience will learn that:
• BIG is a state of mind that you can step into at any time.
• BIG starts from within – from your own core values, strengths, skills and gifts.
• BIG is easy – from this resourceful state, you stop working at anything and start playing with
everything – work flows with ease.
• BIG is game changing – not only at work but also in life.
This material can also be tailored for break out sessions.

Leading from BIG
This half-day or full-day facilitated session for leaders will explore what it means to lead from BIG and how to make it happen! Participants will walk away with a BIG Action Plan and insights on:
• How leading from BIG means leading his or her self first.
• How to tap into his or her most resourceful state aligned with his or her values, unique strengths and gifts.
• How to identify what gets in the way of playing BIG.
• How to move past surviving to start thriving BIG.
• How personal brand, positivity, vulnerability, curiosity and emotional intelligence play a role in BIG
• How leading from BIG gives others permission to play BIG to–it’s game changing.

Even BIGGER – Who Are WE When WE Are BIG?
Intended for intact teams, this half-day or full-day facilitated session begins with participants answering the question “Who Are You When You Are BIG?” and has the rest of the team witnessing each individual in his or her most resourceful state. Starting from BIG has everyone showing up with his or her “Game On”–ready to play and engage. These sessions are generally done off-site away from distractions and are tailored to achieve your BIGGER goals in the context of operating from BIG. A portion of all sessions is dedicated to having the team or the groups define “Who Are WE When WE Are BIG?” allowing them to reinforce the mission, values, strengths and goals of the team. Outcomes you can expect from this session are:
• More authentic individuality and more powerful connections and relationships.
• An increased level of engagement from every participant.
• A common vernacular your team will use to call each other forth and celebrate BIG wins.
• A common unified vision representing a true north.

BIGGEST – The Ripple Effect
Call for details on how we can tailor a program specific to your needs with any combination of the above for use across your organization. In addition, e-learning modules, train the trainer capabilities, and licensing options may be possible. For information on bulk purchases please email info@GettingToBIG.com.


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